Replica Eames RAR Rocker

The RAR Rocker, designed in 1948, is said to be one of the most significant furniture designs of the 20th century.

It features a durable molded polypropylene shell with a deep seat pocket, integrated armrests, high backrest and waterfall seat edge for lounge-quality comfort.

The iconic wire base is set atop two maple runners for a smooth rocking motion that brings enjoyment to nurseries, lounges, living rooms, offices and bedrooms.

There are many reproductions of this chair out there, many are cheap copies of the original. At Rex Kelly we guarantee you will be pleased with the quality of our replica.


  • Product Details

Materials: Polypropylene seat, stainless steel base, hard maple runners with clear lacquer finish
Dimensions: 24″W x 27″H x 23″D

RAR = Rocker height, Armchair shell, Rocking base


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