Rex Kelly when Midcentury Modern Furniture was NEW One of my earliest memories involves a GORGEOUS but well-worn oversized-diamond patterned couch stationed in our 1960’s decorated family room.  Our home was filled with items once considered very modern and new.  But by the time I came around and joined the family in the early 70s, these Mid-Century hip pieces were seen by my playmates as a bit dated and strange looking, while their homes were more traditional. Even though I LOVED our furniture and all its clean lines, I was a bit embarrassed by having “old” furniture that looked so different from their colonial bicentennial decor. Today, their pieces are not very sought after, and my family’s furniture that I loved so much is considered design classics.  Who knew I had such foresight in taste back when I was learning to tie my shoes and practicing the cursive alphabet? 

What goes around, comes around. And Mid-Century Modern design has come around big-time and is back in favor again. Some of the designers that defined that era – Eames, Saarinen, and Wegner – are hotter than ever. You see them everywhere – in magazines, on television sets (I’m looking at you, Bravo network!), and in your cool friends’ houses. Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel are out…and Mid-Century design is in!  

Unfortunately, with popularity often comes a higher price. My frustration with finding good-quality pieces that I could afford – either originals or reproductions – led me to ultimately launch my own store so that I could share my finds with others – like you – who appreciate the same simplistic design that is inherent in these pieces. This aesthetic is perfect for integrating into today’s tastes and homes.

My mission is to bring you the icons of Mid-Century Modern design at prices that truly are within reach.  Good design shouldn’t be expensive; it should be shared.  And if I wouldn’t put it in my own home, I won’t put it on my website.

When I’m not visiting factories to revive an out-of-production chair, or figuring out how to provide the best price on an existing one, I can be found leafing through design magazines, writing on my blog, or daydreaming about the chic furniture of my youth.

And I’d do anything to get that couch back.