Also known as the E-1027 Table, this circular glass table was designed with Eileen Grays E-1027 House (in southern France, near Monaco) Now, if youre curious what those numbers mean, its a code for the people who collaborated on the design of the house and who also just happened to be lovers: Eileen Gray + Jean Badovici. Read more about that here.

Gray, like many successful designers, was inspired by the world around here, and designed this table with both her sisters habit of eating breakfast in bead (crumbs are soooo inconvenient) and Marcel Breuers tubular steel experiments at the Bauhaus. I think you can also see Le Corbusiers influence on this table and other pieces

The result was this gorgeous table with a chrome-plated steel frame/base, glass top and adjustable side. Supreme in its function and simplicity, its a gorgeous piece that looks beautiful in any space.

image via hive modern

Breakfast in *day*bed is rather chic in Kazumi Yoshidas Manhattan Loft

image via elle decor, photo by eric piasecki

At the Healdburg Modern Cottages in Healdsburg, CA, four cottages are named for and designed with that designer in mind. Heres the Eileen Cottage

image via healdsburg modern cottages

Here, the table is nestled in a haven of modern glass + steel furniture.

image via apartment therapy

I know the doggy does not care, but even in this modest, though expertly decorated home in Vancouver, Eileen Greys Side Table fits right in.

image via hgtv

Blarghso much awesomeness in this space

image via skona hem, photo by jon carlson

Now you can get your hands on a replica of Eileen Grays superb E-1027 Adjustable Side Table. It comes with a chrome finish, and looks stunning in both classic and ultra-modern settings. The height is adjustable for complete versatility and functionality.