Todays Design Notebook is all about Hans Wegners CH24 and.its one of the newest additions to my catalog of mid-century modern replicas! The CH24, designed in 1949 and produced by Carl Hansen & Son. It was nicknamed the Wishbone Chair because the shape of its back resembles a wishbone.


The Wishbone Chair is a small, light piece of furniture that would be ideal in a set of dining chairs or as an occasional side chair. The chairs design was actually inspired by imperial Chinese Ming (Dynasty) Chairs, resulting in a simpler, less ornate design. Its made of natural materials, including a steam-bent wood frame and a paper cord seat. It is truly a beautiful exercise in Danish modern design; simple, sculptural and exquisite.

Solike, if you really want to get your hands on this lovely chair which typically retails for about $750 a pop, check out my store for beautiful replicas at affordable prices.