This plastic armchair is a replica of the innovative DAW Armchair created by Charles and Ray Eames in the mid-20th century. Modern and sleek, this gorgeous armchair is the perfect addition to the home or office. The body of the chair is designed to perfectly complement the contours of the human form, and is formed […]

My French is tres mal, but todays house tour is a Paris apartment the best kind, really on Rue de Rivoli designed and renovated by Isabelle Stanislas and Leiko Oshima.   The interior design + architecture duo goes by the name of So-An.  If this project is any hint, you should know they specialize in […]

Today were touring a gorgeous flat with a decidedly retro feel to it.  This space is retro in its throwback color palette of yellow and brown (so 70s), which of course could backfire in a horrid mess.  But the openness and interior architecture of the space itself, along with a few vintage and modern pieces […]

I adore this apartment in Oslo belonging to Hilde Kaafjord and Morten Nyheim Larsen. Its light, spacious and combines pre-loved and vintage with ultra modern, cheap with expensive, glossy hard surfaces with soft textures and Western with ethnic pieces. If that wasnt enough, purple also features . . . what is not to love?!

  You know something?  The creation myth behind George Nelsons Ball Clocks has to be one of my favorite ever.  Why, you ask?  Well because it involved creativitys nectar, booze, and the genius of not one designer, Nelson, but four designers.  As the story goes:   we’d had a little bit too much to drink- […]

Also known as the E-1027 Table, this circular glass table was designed with Eileen Grays E-1027 House (in southern France, near Monaco)  Now, if youre curious what those numbers mean, its a code for the people who collaborated on the design of the house and who also just happened to be lovers:  Eileen Gray + Jean Badovici.  Read more […]

  image via hive modern (seen here, stools A, B. C)  Constructed of solid walnut, Ray Eames Walnut Stool was originally constructed for the Times Life Studio in NYC over 50 years ago.  Ray drew upon her talents as a sculptor to create gorgeous stools in three different profiles.  Use them as stools, side tables, plant holders, accent […]

  Todays post on the Egg Chair, should be a treat.  It  was designed by Jacobsen and is made of aluminium, foam and upholstery.  Many of the reissues of this design have taken great liberties with that last fact, and have found new and creative (some successful, some not so much) ways to play with […]